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The Pig Puddle

This is the personal puddle of Robin Curran and the pigs that own me.

I have always loved pigs, and always intended to have one of my own. There is a saying: Be careful what you wish for. Too true! Now forty something pigs later....

I adopted my first rescued pigs, Mumma and Pigsley, from Dori Neilsen, who was doing pig rescues in NJ. I met her when I was invited to go along to take an injured piglet to PIGS, a sanctuary in CharlesTown, WV. What an introduction to the world of pigs.

I was astonished and horrified at the problem of abused and abandoned potbellied pigs in this country, and started doing rescue myself. My first rescue was Cedric. His [former]owner's husband was going to take him to the butcher. The rest, as they say, is history.....

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<B>MY PIGS</b>
This is Mia Rose. She's my favorite. Who wouldn't love a face like that?

At three months old she was found running loose along a highway in Ocean County, NJ and taken to the Animal Shelter there. Someone had poured a strong bleaching agent on her because she had a 6" patch of frizzled orange hair on her rump.

For all of that, Mia is one of the most personable pigs I have ever met. When I went to pick her up at the shelter, she climbed into my lap and gave me a big wet snouter. It was love at first sight!

Piggy Sue is half Potbellied pig and half Landrace hog. Her daddy is Taz, who also lives here.

Her mother and littermates were sent to market by an individual who professed to be a pig lover...NOT. At four years old, Piggy Sue is the tallest pig I have.

She's also a first class mooch

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